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Moorish Spain

Alicante, Alcudia, Algemesi, Alzira, Alginet, the list goes on. In Valencia, many places hark back to their Moorish rule with Al- prefixing the name of the town. With its green grasslands, rich rice paddies and opulent orange groves, the Valencian Community is fast becoming a top Spanish tourist destination. We explore the top four reasons to consider this area if buying a holiday home abroad.


On the East, Mediterranean Coast of Spain lies the province of Valencia, rich in lush greenery and heady blossoms. At Albufera Sueca and Xeraco, just south of the city of Valencia, lay shimmering fields of rice, first introduced during Moorish rule over 1000 years ago. This very rice is cropped and used as a key ingredient in that most famous of Spanish dishes – paella. A true Valencian Paella will be based around the land animals of snails, chicken and rabbit, which you will often see inhabiting the mountain towns in this area. Shining pearls of beans will glitter through the dish, utilising the natural resources of the region.

Xàtiva Castle

The castle at Xàtiva was built by Romans, but was seized by the Moorish Governor of Valencia, Marwan Abd-al-Aziz around 1145. Resplendent gardens, olfactory orange groves and fascinating fountains give you a sense of what it was like to live in this charming town, so many years in the past. If considering this area to set up home, many older houses are set within grounds echoing this luxury ornate style of gardening.

City Walls

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for; houses can still be found for as little as €15,000 in the small ex-Moorish walled city of Alzira, between Valencia City and Xàtiva. Soak up the sun in the scent of oranges on the busy Plaza Mayor at one of the many tapas bars. Follow this by a walk along the busy Santos Patronos road, which allows a gentle stroll through a walled river bed, now home to many date palms. Life in Alzira is not exceptional, allowing a flavour of real Spain at a fraction of the cost of some of the more popular destinations.

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