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International Journal of Tourism and Hotel Management
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2021, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

Tourism and hospitality: Issues and challenges

Dr. Manoj Kumar and Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

One of the most significant among industries that has evolved during the last two decades and has been of economic relevance in the changing market landscape in India is tourism and hospitality industry. Rise in disposable income and boost to travel infrastructure has further led to raise in the growth figures of this industry. According to current projections, the aviation industry would grow dramatically in the future years, having a direct influence on India's tourist and hospitality businesses. Furthermore, due to their simplicity and accessibility, social travel websites have gained in popularity in recent years. It has also been demonstrated that middle-income groups favour low-cost hotels and are especially enticed by price reductions and programmes. Overall, their potential implies that the tourism and hospitality businesses, particularly in India, will increase in the next years, although there are some undesirable results.
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Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar. Tourism and hospitality: Issues and challenges. Int J Tourism Hotel Manage 2021;3(1):50-52.
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