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International Journal of Tourism and Hotel Management
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2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part A

Management of hotel operations is a glistening alarm for an industrious benchmark

Dr. Rudrarup Gupta

The worthy concept of “Management” is having a wide-ranging occupational mileage because it is a significant commercial practice where a group of people try to accomplish their collective assignments from the core of an exclusive occupational objective not only to reach but to elevate the communal glory. Most importantly it is undoubtedly apropos for most exquisite “Hotel Industry” as well. Because it is an exclusive industry for massive public reception and the wonderful legacy of mutually exclusive bonding. This industry may ensure the worthy appeal of business and its impactful management. But the fact is that the splendour of commerce where both leaders and followers are in a prior position to build an exclusive avenue of business skills, writing skills, presentation skills and the skill of great occupational harmony indeed. As a result the concept of man management, beverage, housekeeping and public reception will be undoubtedly refined and the communal enrichments and those are purely imperative for this industry to be grown up within a very short while. That is why that shall have to entrench an exclusive “Management Cell” where all the advocacy trainings will be comprehensively conducted in a hotel because it has a great organizational set up which is going to be undoubtedly analysed through their communal research. The point is they need to inculcate an exclusive concept of “Mass Psychology” and their present day tastes and preferences. The academic curriculum will have to be made in this regard where mindfulness, well being of public, family upbringing, communal advancement and public psychology will have to be dealt with. That is how the concept of “Hotel Management” will be in a very different shape not only to hold the best industrious glamour but to restyle the utmost societal resplendence indeed.
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Dr. Rudrarup Gupta. Management of hotel operations is a glistening alarm for an industrious benchmark. Int J Tourism Hotel Manage 2022;4(1):63-65.
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